I’m an highly experienced production manager and location scout in Naples. In fact, I used to work with international photographers, video makers and clients such as Dolce & Gabbana (CAPRI) , My Theresa (Positano), Isaia (Capri & Naples), Carthusia (Capri), SSC NAPOLI (Dolomites), Vingino (Puglia, Naples, Capri, Herculaneum) and many others.


My experience as a tour guide is essential. In fact, I know exactly what people need to feel comfortable and satisfied. As a result, this is perfect for productions which need to focus on creativity while leaving organization and coordination to a skilled location scout and production manager.


My travel experience and constant research of beauty provided me with deep knowledge and great skills in location scouting in Naples. Furthermore, with my photographic and artistic skills, I know how to match the perfect location to the client’s requests.


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