Private Tour Guide Pompeii


Pompeii Tour has a lot to do and visit. You need a private tour guide in order to walk easy around the ruins and visit as much as possible within an amount of time that is enough and does not bother you. The only way to understand the ancient life is with a private tour otherwise you walk around stones and getting easy lost around.

Beware of those Pompeii Tour that say they are private tour when in fact they put you with other people but not with me. I will be your personal Pompei tour guide that makes easy to skip lines and walk from one to another place throughout the ruins.

I have been a Pompeii tour guide since 1999 and I have met so many people from different walks of lifes that I can make your visit enjoyble wheather you come with kids or with any other special people.

If you are coming by Cruise ship and you are docking in Naples or Sorrento than I can organize your day with a Van&Driver that comes right at the terminal station to pick you up.

When you are in Naples or you are coming from Rome by train I can organize the Pompeii tour with a private van. Any wishes you have to visit specific places in Pompeii please let me know in advance so that I can book the entrance if necessary.

Pompei Private Tour fees

Please contact Luca via whatsapp or email to get the best offer

Feel free to contact me for further details.

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The Roman rich ladies used to wear the cameos as their jewels. Today this work of art is still going on, check the link below and visit this local factory in Pompeii:

Caricamento in corso…